The Power of Skype and your PLN

My fabulous colleagues back home in New Zealand have been enjoying the Learning@Schools09 Conference held in Rotorua.  When my good friend AllanahK tweeted that she was organising a “Matt-style” dance at the start of Wes Fryer‘s Keynote presentation, I couldn’t resist the urge to tweet back “Can I skype in?”

Sure enough – at 7.15am Bangkok, Thailand time, and 1.15pm, New Zealand time, she did just that- skyped me in so that I could join in the dance too.  It was brilliant – almost like being there.  I was able listen to Wes’s Keynote until Allanah’s battery finally died.  I wish I could have been there in personal to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and learn new things from incredibly talented people.  Watch the video!

I originally used jing to capture the screen on my laptop (‘cos that’s all I had), then discovered that it saves as .swf. Drat – not editable (without the Pro version – funny that?).  So here’s the master genius work around I used:

Step 1:  Grab Jeff Utecht on his way out the door – (‘cos he has ScreenFlow)
Step 2:  Replay .swf on his laptop and re-capture using ScreenFlow – saves as a .mov, edit as you go
Step 3:  Import into iMovie – add titles and credits
Step 4:  Play real “Dancing with Matt” video on YouTube to capture the soundtrack using Audio Hijack Pro
Step 5:  Import audio into iMovie – adjust sound levels
Step 6:  Upload to teachingsagittarian’s YouTube channel

Did I mention that I love my mac laptop?


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  2. mrw00dy

    It was great fun once it was over – the anticipation was excruciating and we were cursing Allanah’s name. Of course afterwards we were loving it and knew she was cool for jacking it up. no doubt the audience thought we were all plonkers, but doing it was good for the soul.
    Wes was cool, joining in with us. I guess it was a neat way to help him warm up.
    Very cool to see you there as the virtual version of yourself.
    “See” you again soon :-)
    david woody

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  4. Jorgie

    I had a similar fun occurence. Last week at a training. Mr. Warner from the UK requested some collaboration on a WWII day for his primary grades class. I jumped in on etherpad during the presentation I was giving and showed collaboration live and even got some feedback from the group. Powerfullly fun Stuff.

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