Thanks Mr Crosby!

Today we used a new tool in our classroom.  We now have these awesome Writer’s Phones, thanks to my good friend, Brian Crosby, in Nevada, USA and his post “Can You Hear Me …. Can You Hear Me Now? DSCN3902

The phones, were of course, a huge hit and they enjoyed a very successful integration into our Writer’s Workshop routine. DSCN3901

Here’s our reflection on using the Writer’s Phones for Writing:

“They worked really well because I DSCN3900could hear my voice and I knew where I had to change punctuation.  It even helped me see spelling mistakes.”

“It made me pay more attention to what I had written.”

“While I was reading, using the telephone, I heard extra words that I really didn’t need.”

“Even though everyone was reading, I could still hear myself because the phone makes my voice echo in my ear. Usually everyone else reading puts me off.”DSCN3898

Learning got messy in Room 231 today.  Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea Brian!


  1. Brian Crosby

    Hi Chrissy – I’m so glad your students enjoy them – tell your students I said hi! The really ironic thing is …. my new students haven’t used them yet this year!!! But we will later this week … that’s how nuts this year has been! Yikes. Maybe we can figure out a way to Skype our classes later this year. Once we start blogging look for us there too. Always great to hear from you!

  2. tara

    Ms. Hellyer’s Class,

    I love this! I am sitting here with Mr. U and we were both trying to figure out how you got such cool phones in your classroom. I know they weren’t checked out from the Hub, so I followed the link and figured it out. How cool and what a smart way to proofread!

    Ms. Tara :)

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