Multiple Intelligences & Web 2.0 tools

I’ve long been a fan of Multiple Intelligences and of course am a complete geek when it comes to web 2.0 tools in the classroom!

As I prepare myself, both mentally & physically, to come out of the classroom in August to begin a new role at ISB – Technology and Learning Coach, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and checking out a lot of tools (new and old). Part of my daily routine during the summer break has been to check out my feed. (Love this!!)

Today I came across this slideshare presentation by Jacqui Sharp (a fellow Kiwi I might add with a blog worth following) about Multiple Intelligences & Web 2.0 tools. What I love about this presentation is that Jacqui has simplified what each Intelligence means in terms of specific abilities and everyday use, and then she has added possible delivery methods with suggested Web2.0 tools to help you do that.  Awesome!

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