Inspiring Kids

I just love this man, Brian Crosby. He’s become a great friend and it’s always very cool to be involved with him and his students in what ever they happen to be doing. (I just wish our timezone here in Thailand was a bit more conducive to skyping like it was when I was teaching in New Zealand!!) – Anyhow, Brian blogs at Learning is Messy. If this blog is not in your reader then it needs to be! He’s creative, he’s passionate and he’s all about the learning!

And if you’re still not convinced then you need to watch this TEDxDenverEd video where his enthusiasm and passion just resonates throughout his talk! Brian – you rock! ¬†My 5th graders (who have now moved on to 6th Grade) will be stoked to see their High Hopes comments mentioned in your TEDxDenverEd talk. ¬†Thanks for inspiring us all and thanks for including us in your learning!!

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