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It’s now official – not only mentally but now physically ………  I’m no longer have my own students or classroom BUT I have wonderful colleagues and their wonderful students to work with.  In my mind I’m formulating my own view of my new role. (already a brewing post!).  My official title is Technology & Learning Coach.  Shorten that to TLC and that’s what I hope to give teachers at my school – a little TLC each, everyday!

Minded. Heart. Relationship. Standards. Source.

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New colleagues to our school have been there a week already.  Returning colleagues began on Wednesday.   On Monday I had the afternoon to give some TLC one on one to new colleagues as they began working in their new environment.  I liked this opportunity for two specific reasons.

  1. It gave me a chance to meet colleagues 1:1 – (build relationships)
  2. Needs are individual and personal when you’re new to the country and the school – meeting with someone 1:1 is as personal and individual as we can get! (meeting learning needs)

There are 11 new teachers just in our Elementary School, all with varying levels of technology skills.  What I loved most of from this afternoon, as I wandered zoomed around to their classrooms, was everyone’s willingness to share with me, honestly, exactly where they felt they were skill wise,  what they wanted to focus on the most and what I could do for them right now that would help them the most!

Loving this job already!


  1. Meg Goos

    Hi Chrissy,

    I am in a similar position, having just left an elementary classroom for an ESL position. I am definitely looking forward to new challenges and the opportunity to work with more colleagues and students than before. One of the exciting things about moving from a classroom teacher to a ‘specialist’ position is that you are very much in touch with what homeroom teachers experience. I look forward to really collaborating with teachers in supporting English language learning.
    Have a great first week back and good luck in the new job!

    Meg Goos

  2. clarence fisher

    It sounds like you are on solid ground as you begin your year. Remember the basic things that brought you success in your classroom. Never be afraid to listen and learn from anyone. Its why we have two ears but only one mouth. Be amazing!

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