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So I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few days about blogging – or my LACK of it – and wondering why there’s a LACK of it, ways that I can change this slack LACK-of-blogging habit, I have so easily fallen into, and involving myself in lots and lots of looking at how my favourite bloggers appear to be so prolific!

And I know what it is …….. when I’m excited about something ……. I want to share it!  So here’s something that I’m very excited about!  I’ve been working with Grades 2 and 3 recently, using Compfight to find creative commons images for their poetry – and teaching them about attribution at the same time.  Yes, these gorgeous little 8/9 year olds know the word attribution and they know it means giving credit to someone whose work you’ve used.  Bless their hearts, they’ve followed cheat sheets, ask questions and really tried hard to search on compfight, download images to the desktop, rename files, copy URLs, copy Usernames or Real Names and paste them on the last slide of their powerpoints!

In Grade 5, there’s image searching going on for presentations for the Sustainability unit and of course there’s a tonne of blogging going in this grade, as well as Grade 4 & two classes in Grade 3, so I’m always reminding everyone about Creative Commons & Attribution – making tutorials, creating cheat sheets and writing blog posts on embedding and attributing correctly.  All while, mainly using compfight – I do love this site very much – I really do. (And it’s still a great site if you need to download the image files for use in offline presentation such as powerpoint/keynote etc)

But now, tonight, through twitter (thanks to the fabulous Ms Tara aka @bookchica retweeting @colingally) I’ve gone to Technology Coach heaven – and compfight has been toppled!  (well for embedding creative commons images & attribution in a blog post!)


For bloggers, it’s SO simple, so easy and only 4 steps from finding a creative commons image to embedding it in a post for your blog!!

Step 1

Free Pictures -

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3


Step 4

step 4
All images uploaded with Skitch!

Unbelievably easy and PERFECT for little bloggers!  Wylio – you rock!!

***Update**** - free pictures

Of course, in this ever changing world of technology – Wylio has changed slightly since I first posted about it!
Due to it’s growing popularity ….. Wylio now requires you to create a free account & login to use. You can use your google account if you have one!

My advice, for classroom teachers would be to create a class google account for Wylio – one email address, one password – for the whole class to remember.
(A class google account can come in handy for all kinds of other things in the classroom – another blog post for later).


  1. Grant Franke

    (In case you didn’t see my response, I’ll repost here)
    I did notice that Wylio changed some of their features such as signing in! It’s an unfortunate extra step, but everything about Wylio is still pretty easy. I’m glad my link/tag made it back to you! Keep sharing, reflecting, and teaching others so people like me can learn a thing or two.

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