iPads in the Kinder Quad

Thanks to the generousity of our PTA, funds have been approved to purchase 6 iPad2s for the Kindergarten/Pre-K quad.

An intial meeting with a Kinder team rep (aka: the techie Akiko), the following things have been decided:

  • A separate iTunes account will be created for each team:  Pre-K Team & Kinder
  • The EdTech Accounts department will purchase credit for the iTunes account so that Paid apps can be purchased (spending can also be tracked through this department)
  • Purchase audio splitters (so that 2 or more students can listen to audio on the iPad2 at the same time)
  • The iPads will travel in pairs (so that 3 classrooms can have access to the iPads at any given time)
  • Before the end of the year we will try to purchase 3 iPad2s (they are currently sold out in Thailand) so that all of the team members can “play” with the iPad over the summer.  (Teachers are meeting each other during the summer at various Professional Development courses & will swap iPads over)
  • The focus areas will be Literacy & Math
  • Technology & Learning Coach (me) will:
    • pass on a collected list of iPad apps & recommendations (from PLN) to the team to trial
    • set up an Action Research in Literacy & Math to measure the impact of the iPad2 on student learning (with the plan to get approval for the purchase of more iPads – 6 per classroom)
    • Visit schools in Hong Kong (& Japan – hopefully) to observe how iPads/iTouches are being used in the classroom (with the plan to get approval for the purchase of iTouches for Grade 1)

Apps To Get Started: PreK-K Team

iReading – Stories Collection I lite for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

iReading – Stories Collection I lite (Free)
AppleTreeBooks™ has been inviting some of the best illustrators from across the world to create illustrated stories for us. Exquisite pictures, vivid narration as well as animation and interactive features bring you and your children wonderful stories and a brand new reading experience. We have carefully selected various stories, including well-known classic fairy tales and new original stories, to give you many options to find the ones you love. Additionally, we will continuously update the books on our online bookshelf, so that you can read our illustrated stories at any time. AppleTreeBooks™ will enables you to experience a new kind of reading and the fun that comes along with it.

Talking Tom Cat for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Talking Tom (Free)
Tom is your pet cat, that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say with a funny voice. Excellent for those kids who are reluctant talkers, or for beginner EAL students learning to say words or phrases.
Pop Math Lite for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
PopMath Lite is the free version of the award winning PopMath.
It is a fun way for kids to practice basic math: 6 pairs of bubbles with numbers float on the screen above beautiful backgrounds.  Each bubble contains a number, like 7 and 3+4: pop the right pairs!  As you progress through levels, numbers increase. End of levels greet you with your time for that level, a message personalized to your performance, and the number of mistakes you did. This free version is limited to additions. The full version PopMath features additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions, including the choice to practice a given operator for even better drills. It also contains many more background images for more fun.
Learn ABC recognition, writing, and listening skills with animals.   Two writing modes:
1) ALPHABET LETTERS: Write the Capital and Lower-Case letters and learning the letter recognition along with the sound.
2) WORDS: Hear the animal name, write the animal name, and learning the spelling in the process. 

ABC First Phonics - Sight Words Free Lite for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Brain Counts apps – there are quite a number of lite (free) versions of the Brain Counts apps available for the iPad
Learning over 200+ Dolch Sight Words or “High Frequency” Words will help your child learn to read better, and in most schools, it is a requirement for the kids to know these without sounding them out.  The POWER in this learning tool is the ability to change the setting to fit your child’s learning level and style and design to grow with your child. Use this to design your own custom learning lesson plans.
Learn Number counting, writing, and listening skills. This game reinforces associative learning which may aid in early brain development in young kids and may help your child get a HEAD START in READING and WRITING. Grand Canyon for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
ABC Mouse (Free)
This book is part of the next generation of interactive mobile books for kids. With unique features, engaging art, and high quality narration and music, this book will be a favorite for kids of all ages.  Features of this book include:
Realistic page turning – Swipe your finger or click on a corner
Read to Me – The Book reads aloud with professional narration and music
Read with Pause – The reader turns the pages and can read along with the narrator
I Can Read It – The reader reads the book all by themselves
Glossary – Readers can select the glossary on pages to learn the meaning of difficult words through simple explanations
Clickable Search & Explore – On certain pages, kids can click on the animals that they find to hear the names of the animals read aloud.
Fun Facts – Filled with fun facts about the Grand Canyon that will educate and amaze your child. There may even be things that the parents don’t know!
Fully Produced Song – Listen to the entire Grand Canyon song as song by the award-winning team at the end of the book.
StoryKit for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
StoryKit (free)
Create an electronic storybook. Make use of the little gaps in life – on the sofa after dinner, in the back seat of the car, or on a train – to do something creative together.
Storyrobe for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
StoryRobe (0.99)
Amobile digital storytelling application. Create a digital story in three simple steps.
1. Choose Images/Videos
2. Record Story
3. Upload to YouTube or Email to friends
Alphabet Tracing for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Alphabet Tracing (Free)
Fun train, truck and worm animations come to life for children to follow, while showing the proper way to write alphabet letters and numbers.
TeachMe: Kindergarten for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
TeachMe: Kindergarten is an educational iPhone app which teaches four different age appropriate subjects to Kindergarten aged children: sight words, addition, subtraction and spelling. Subjects can be selected, set different difficulty levels, and you can even choose specific questions. The performance history for each subject can be reviewed.
Word Magic for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Word Magic (0.99)
Word Magic is designed keeping preschooler and kindergarten kids in mind. It is very ideal for kids between the ages 3 to 6. It is an excellent application for kids to have fun with words and their spelling and learn them.  A picture is shown and the kids should select the missing letter for the picture. The picture for the word will be read out. There are three flavors. Based on the kids level, you can choose missing letter at the beginning or in the middle or in the last. 

Licking Letters for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Jump into the pond and help your lovable friend, Hoppy the Frog, lick letters to spell words! Kids will have a blast with this exciting and fun spelling adventure! (Ages 2-8)

Links to Others’ Recommended Apps Lists

TeachWithYouriPad I love the way this wiki has been set out!  Clicking on the link above will transport you to an entire page of suitable K-2 apps.  There’s a blurb about the app & the cost – they are also listed in curriculum areas.

teachwithyouripad - Grade K-2 Apps

iPads as Research Tools for Kindergarten
From Zoe Page – Kindergarten Teacher at YIS using iPads in the classroom

iPad Apps for Primary
From Fraser Spiers’ blog

10 Top iPad Apps for Kindergarten
From 1:1 in Practise blog

iPad Apps for the classroom
From One Thought Ahead blog

50 Educational Apps for the iTouch
From Keri-Lee Beasley’s blog: Tip of The Iceberg – most of the apps listed are suitable for the iPad too.

iPad Sharing #1
From Allanah King’s blog: Life is not a Race to be Finished – A list of her favourite apps for the iPad so far.

10 Top iPhone Apps for Kids
Wait! There’s More: Another 10 iPhone Apps for Kids
From Travel Savvy Mom (even though these are iPhone apps, they can be played on iPads too).
Note:  Most of the apps recommended on these blog posts are paid apps.

Can you help?

Given that our focus is Literacy & Math apps – what K-2 apps do you recommend?
How do you know iPads in the classroom impact student learning?
How do you collect the data?


  1. Zoe Page

    The apps we have found most useful can be found at

    Talking Tom cat, kids love it but it has limited applications (maybe encourage children to speak?. SUGGESTION turn OFF the violence setting. The thing they liked most was hitting Tom till he feel over!

    Hearing good things about Tunetastics, from reviews.

    1. teachingsagittarian

      Thanks Zoe! I listed your Kinder blog as a “go to place” for our Kinder Teachers! I hope to tack YIS (and your class!!!!) onto a trip to Hong Kong at the beginning of October. Fingers crossed! I’d love to see the iPads in action with your kinders!

  2. Sharon Peters

    Hi Chrissy, thanks for sharing this! Here at American International School of Mozambique, we have also purchased a handful of iPads for next year. Thanks for sharing your strategies and the apps – I have already passed these on to my “tech team” as well. – Sharon Peters

  3. Becky

    My class loved Rocket Math Free — this is a great app for reviewing math skills plus the students get to build and launch their own rockets. They also loved Sock Puppets Free. They made some great puppet shows! They would share their puppet shows with each other.

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