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My Journey

Where did it begin? It was a while ago now, in a class of 34 seven year olds and one desktop computer. Yes, one desktop computer! Then we got a computer suite and did we think we were in heaven! Each week (on a Wednesday afternoon) we’d line up and head on over to the suite to work on our “projects” – we were actually building server-based portfolios of our learning! Fast forward a few years later to a “semi-digital” classroom, 32 awesome Year 7s (Gr6), a digital weather station, a pod of 8 desktop computers, an interactive whiteboard, surround sound and ethernet access to the wider world (plus a computer suite to visit) and we REALLY thought we had it all!

Several global collaborative projects later, a teacher exchange in Argentina, an interview in Bangkok and a few months after that, I found myself in a class of phenomenal 5th graders from all corners of the world and living in Bangkok, Thailand. When the opportunity to be the Elementary Technology and Learning Coach arose I spent a couple of years working with teachers and their students. Time spent working with schools and their teachers, as well as presenting and facilitating workshops grew during this time and after a year back in the classroom working with my favourite 3rd graders, I left the classroom again to move to Perth, Australia to begin planning learning experiences for teachers and students full time.

What are my qualifications and experience?




Educational Qualifications

  • Masters in Science and Multidisciplinary Studies (2011), (SuNY, Buffalo) State University of New York
  • SMARTboard Certified Trainer
    • Level I, Level II for MAC
    • Level I, Level II for WINDOWS
  • Certificate of Educational Technology & Information Literacy (2010), (SuNY, Buffalo) State University of New York.
  • New Zealand Teaching Full Registration Certificate (1999)
  • Bachelor of Education (1998), Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • Teaching Diploma (1996) College of Education, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Other Qualifications

  • National Certificate in Business Studies and National Diploma in Accountancy:Accounting; Commercial Law; Fundamentals of Banking;  Business in Communication;
  • Australian Music Examinations Board:Honours Musicianship – Second Grade; Pass Musicianship – Fourth Grade


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Eduro Learning
Technology & Learning Coach, Consultant, Director of Online Learning and Founding Partner;
Global company, physically based in Perth, Australia.

Working with ES, MS, HS teachers and students worldwide
December 2013 – present

Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy (COETAIL)Foundation Graduate and Certified Programme Facilitator; Online

Working with ES, MS, HS teachers around the world
October 2012 – present

ISB, International School of Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
ES Grade 3 Classroom Teacher
August 2012 – June 2013


  • Classroom Teacher Curricula Areas Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
  • Readers & Writers Workshop
  • FoSS Science
  • Math Investigations
  • 21st Century Literacy Skills embedded in classroom environment
  • Literacy Team Representative for Grade 3
  • Learning Team ePortfolio Working Committee member
  • Pilot Teacher – Teacher Standards Professional Learning Group

Collaborative Projects

Dots Around the World (organiser)


ES Technology & Learning Coach PreK-5
August 2010 – June 2012


  • Coordinate and facilitate the integration of essential 21st Century Literacy skills across PreK – Grade 5, serving over 600 students and 70 teachers.
  • Co-plan and co-teach project-based units of inquiry with classroom teachers that embed authentic use of technology in the natural learning environment via the use of laptops.
  • Work in a collaborative team, ISB21, in order to develop a continued vision for 21st Century Learning at ISB.
  • Collaborate with the Administrative and Curriculum Office team to develop a vision, infrastructure and plan for successful integration of 21st Century Literacy skills across the curriculum.
  • Develop curriculum at the team level using the Understanding by Design process, to authentically embed 21st century literacy with the core curriculum, as a model for divisional and school-wide curriculum review processes.
  • Create and maintain consistent, streamlined communication with both internal and external members of the school community via wikis, blogs, newsletters, magazine articles and e-mail.
  • Conduct weekly professional development for staff, monthly dialogue sessions for parents, and present at a variety of in-school workshops.

Grade 5 Classroom Teacher
August 2008 – 2010


  • Classroom Teacher Curricula Areas Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,
  • Readers & Writers Workshop
  • FoSS Science
  • Math Investigations
  • 21st Century Literary Skills embedded in classroom environment

Collaborative Projects

Taradale Intermediate School, Taradale, Napier, New Zealand
Year 7 (Grade 6) Classroom Senior Teacher
February 2005 – August 2008

  • Classroom Teacher Curricula Areas:
  • Literacy; Mathematics; Science; Social Studies; Physical Education; International Languages (Spanish); ICT;

Other Responsibilities

  • Support the Team Leader, support the Year 7 teachers, Behaviour Management with Team Leader
  • Sitech Champion Schools Representative – trial and implementation of ICT technology products
  • Coach – Netball Team
  • Coach – Volleyball Team
  • IT Technical Support for Staff
  • ICT Support for Staff including Interactive WhiteBoards, Web2.0 tools, and Computer Programmes
  • MUSAC facilitator – Design/Co-ordination of documents to track school-wide Assessment Data
  • Producer of School Musical Production
  • Co-Tutor School Kapa Haka (2006)

Collaborative Projects

Napier Central School, Napier, New Zealand

Y2/3 Classroom Teacher
February 1998 – December 2004


  • Teaching of all curriculum area subjects
  • Assisted in creation of school-wide IT plans, policies and computer-suite guidelines for students and teachers.
  • Musical Director School Productions
  • Teacher in Charge of Choir, Special Choir

Other Responsibilities

  • Co-ordinator of Napier Central’s WebChallenge ICT teams
  • Creation and maintenance of School’s Website
  • Coach of Gymnastic Team


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Coursera, Online (MOOC) Course, June 2014
Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes That Stick – Graduate (with Distinction)


Apple Distinguished Educator, ADE, March 2010, Singapore
Apple Distinguished Educators Class of 2010 (Asia)


Recipient of Ministry of Education/AFS Language Immersion Award (One-Month) 2008
Completed during March-April 2008, Argentina Online Journal Entries begin here


Sitech E-Learning Zone


Contributor – Resources/Lessons for Interwrite IWBs

Contributor – Resources/Lessons for Interwrite PRS


Interwrite Learning


NZ Advisor: Lesson Development


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