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I’m Chrissy, an educator with the zodiac sign, Sagittarius – hence the inspiration for my site name!

Prior to moving overseas, I worked in a primary school and middle school learning environment. I am completely and utterly passionate about the use of technology in the classroom!  This website is connects to my blog about my learning journey through this amazing world of Web2.0.  It’s exciting and motivating and time-consuming (in a good way) and it’s a journey that has put the “oommf” back into how I teach!

The TeachingSagittarian blog was my starting point as a “blogger” and using “wikis” after being inspired by people like Vicki Davis, David Warlick, and Jennifer Wagner to give it a go.  These three people gave me feedback when I first started posting and I will always be grateful to them for taking the time to encourage my learning journey through Web2.0 technology. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I hope that you can go away with “something” as I do when I read the many blogs and bloggers I follow.

For the last five years I’ve been working in an International School in Bangkok, Thailand. First as a Grade 5 classroom teacher, then two years as the Elementary Technology and Learning Coach, before returning to the classroom to teach and learn with 3rd graders. My passion for technology use in the classroom is still strong, and the opportunities to meet and work with educators has increased significantly since working overseas.

Currently, I am available to schools as a technology and learning consultant or professional development facilitator.  Please feel free to contact me about my services or any questions you may have about using technology in the classroom.


  1. Ruth Blankenbaker

    It _IS_ exciting that you have technology to connect your students with others. I’ll plug our web site that has lots of content providers as well as a collaboration center that identifies lots of other teachers who are also looking for connections. See http://www.cilc.org. In the Keyword box, type in a topic of interest to see what might be available through videoconferencing. Happy hunting.

  2. Shermeen tan

    I’m currently doing a social media (yeah to web 2.0!) class at SMU – Singapore Mangement University -and we’re working with feed aggregators, social bookmarking tools, blogs, podcasts, wikis and more, so I understand when you say you’re “utterly passionate about the use of technology in the classroom”!

    We need more educators like that!

    If you’re interested, you could take a look at my lecturer’s blog: http://communicate.os3.sg/ He’s feverently enthusiastic about social media too, so I’m sure you both will have lots to talk about.

  3. Richard Taylor

    Dear Chrissy,

    Another great education blog! I have been looking at lots of blogs lately and the ones from New Zealand seems streets ahead of most I have seen from the UK (the exception being Ewan McIntosh in Scotland who has probably the best education blog in Europe).

    I am writing to see if any of your students or colleagues might like to give our free maths games a try at http://www.tutpup.com They are head-to-head simple competitive maths and spelling games. We are still in beta, so the site changes quite often but we have about 30k registered users (mostly in the UK and Asia) but with an increasing number of schools from countries like Australia and New Zealand.

    I would be very interested in your feedback because I only had a quick chance to test Tutpup in Australia in April while on a quick visit to see my family.

    Yours sincerely,

    Richard Taylor
    Director of Play @ Tutpup
    Soho W1D 4DT

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