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Learning to LattéArt

I've been watching (studying) the amazing and generous barista Dritan Alsela and his equally helpful assistant Mariette (?) via their videos (originally FBLive Events) to learn how to latté art. It's been fun (aka hilarious) posting my efforts on instagram...

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Self-Reflection; A Realisation or Four

As I look at my growing list of draft posts (aka: best intentions upon self-reflection) I've come to the realisation that I've been talking the talk but not walking the walk lately! It's not that I haven't been learning, discovering, teaching and learning some more...

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iPads and the SAMR Model

I recently had the privilege of working with teachers and assistants at a local school here in Two Rocks. It was part of an ongoing professional development plan for 2014. The staff were about to begin their learning journey with the SAMR model and their new 60+...

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The K12 Online Conference 2013 Has Begun

If you're not already aware of it, the K12 Online Conference has begun for the 2013 year.  It is organised every year by a committee of amazing people and contributed to by a set of more amazing peoples. This year's theme, Transforming Learning, will not disappoint...

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CoETaIL Online Cohorts Beginning Soon!!

Only 11 Spots Remain! Online Cohort starting on September 9th: Taught by Kim Cofino, this will be our first September start online cohort. There are only 11 spots left after pre-registration on the website. Be quick to grab one of these last remaining spots! Click on...

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