Professor Garfield Foundation: Internet Safety and You

I was looking for some suitable Online Safety material for Grade 3 students.  My good friend Keamac reminded me about Hector’s World.  I would love to have used that but I was afraid that they just wouldn’t understand the kiwi slang and accent!  So I continued to search (loving Google chrome!).

It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon this little gem – sure to be a hit with 3rd Graders!  Internet Safety with Professor Garfield! from the folks at

Professor Garfield Foundation: Internet Safety and You
Professor Garfield Foundation: Internet Safety and You
One of the fabulous things about this gem of a site (aside from it’s instant appeal to students) is the 3 levels of interaction with students.  First you watch the video, then you try out what you’ve just seen, then you have a chance to apply it.  (Appeals to the Blooms thinking in me!) Another winning aspect of this site is the ability to download teaching materials (.pdfs) to help teach the message of Professor Garfield in his videos.  The pdf’s contain extra material such as wordsearches, questionaires if appropriate.
There’s even a section of internet safety tips to direct parents too! (.pdf download)
Well, the Grade 3’s loved it! YAPPY was a hit!  YAPPY is the stuff you shouldn’t give out.
And it’s so easy for them to remember:

Y – your name

A – address

P – password

P – phone numbers

Y – your plans

Thanks Professor Garfield!!

I also came across this great poster for the classroom too.  It’s from  ACMA cyber(smart:)

CyberRules_Poster_A2_Generic.pdf (1 page)

Cybersmart provides activities, resources and practical advice to help young kidskidsteensand parents safely enjoy the online world.
The poster comes as a pdf download – easy to print out, laminate and hang up on the classroom wall.