How Room 207 Works!

I have a very clever class full of script-writers and actors. Watch the video below to see them in action! This video turned out so good that we will use it to show new people in our class how things work in Room 207. We originally made it for the parents to watch at Open House earlier this week.

Our parents made us a video in return (they were very clever too). We do not have everyone’s permission to show it on our class blog, so if you would like a copy to watch, please let Ms H know in the comments below.

Room 207 Rocks!

You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Room 207!

I love that you are willing to try anything!

Air Guitar is definitely my favourite BrainBreak so far – what’s yours?
366/242 our best air guitar pose!

Dear Parents ……. Open House!

Let's open the door to...

CC Image by tanakawho

It’s that time of the start of the year when the doors fly open and we welcome you all to spend a couple of hours with us.

Of course, you are welcome anytime in Room 207 but tonight is special.  It’s just for you, Parents.  We have things to show you, activities for you to do and messages to give you!

The night will begin in the Chevron Theatre at 6:30pm.

6:30pm     Welcome – all parents in Chevron
    Passing time to classrooms
Presentations start for grades PK-2
  Presentations start for grades 3-5
  Good Night

We strongly encourage you to visit the PE (in the ES Gym), Art & Music (ground floor quad on your way from the Chevron Theatre to the ES) specialists if you are waiting for the Presentations for Grades 3-5 to begin.  They would love to talk with you and show you what happens during our specials time.

Don’t forget that the Hub is open too – Pop in and meet Mr Whitman, our new Hub-arian!

Room 207’s song and dance routine presentation will begin at 8:00pm (that’s the part where I’ll be speaking – delayed slightly so that some parents with children in other classes can see all of their children’s classrooms) but our classroom doors will be open before that.  Come on in!

Dear Parents …… Unit Overviews

Both Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop and Math will begin their second units next week.

Making it Better!

Thanks to some very good feedback, these overviews will no longer go out in a post.  Instead, you will notice that along the top of the blog are particular headings.  Simply click on the heading Unit Overviews.  The menu will drop down so that you can choose  the subject you are looking for: Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies or Writing.  The latest Unit Overview and ways to help at home will be at the top of that page.  Simply scroll down to see previous Units already covered.

If you have subscribed to our classroom blog you will still be notified by email whenever a new unit is about to start and it’s overview and ways to help at home has been posted on it’s page.

Imaged used under Creative Commons:  by kennymatic


It’s Official

All votes are in!  (We had to wait for two people to come back to school to cast their votes ……) but there was definitely a clear choice between our four great Charitable Causes.

It’s official! We’re adopting an animal! (We just have to decide which one!)

And we’re also fundraising for After The Wave!