Highlights of this Week

IMG_4794 This week a big highlight was starting our first draft for our Slice of Life writing unit.  When we draft, we no longer work in our writer’s notebook.  We work on one side of lined paper.  Ms H bought us special paper to do our drafting on.  Drafting is exciting because when we are finished we get to share our work with others.

IMG_4792Another highlight of the week was the new bucket for our classroom bucket filling cards.  We can now take a blank bucket filling card and write a bucket-filling comment for a classmate that we have noticed doing or saying something nice to others.  Bucket filling makes others feel good and that’s why we are doing this.

The Vinegar/Calcite science experiment was a big highlight this week too!  We had to wait 3 days to see the evaporation results.  Today we will be looking at the dishes with our magnifying glasses to see what happened.


In Math, we have been preparing our questions to ask other people at ISB.  We are finding different things out like, ways to come to school; pets; favourite specials, genres to read, day of week, chocolate and holidays. When we have surveyed our chosen classes we will organise all of our data and display them using bar or line plot graphs.  Ms H will make a slideshow of our completed graphs for everyone to see.

Photographer this week: Pun


Dear Parents ……

CC Image by Flood G. http://www.flickr.com/photos/97223988@N00/6732863457/

On Tuesday, 2 October and Wednesday, 3 October, all Grade 3 students will be sitting the annual ISA (Writing, Math & Reading) Tests.  Please ensure that your child has a good night’s sleep on Monday and Tuesday night and that they have a good breakfast in the morning.

There is no need for your child to do any kind of preparation for these tests.

Next Thursday, 4 October and Friday, 5 October are Parent/Teacher Conference Days.  There is no school for students on both of these days.  Students do not accompany their parent(s) to the Parent/Teacher Conference appointment.  If you have returned the bottom confirmation slip for your conference time and date, Thank you.  If you have not, please return to me tomorrow morning.

Skyping In An Expert

Skyping in an expert is super easy and extremely captivating for student learning. This morning we were extremely lucky in Room 207 to have a real geologist skype into our classroom. Mr Dobrowski’s class joined us, as Mr Cleavinger (Madison’s Granddad) talked with us about geology and geologists because we are studying Earth Materials for Science right now.

We had a lot of questions for Mr Cleavinger and he very patiently answered all of them for us. We asked questions like:

  • Is it hard work being a geologist?
  • What tools do you use?
  • Did you write down your thoughts in a special notebook?
  • When you were a little boy did you always want to be a geologist?

Mr Cleavinger showed us some very interesting rocks and minerals.   The most interesting was the rock from the stomach of a dinosaur!  Yes, that’s right, a dinosaur!

Mr Cleavinger is from Utah. Another interesting find he shared with us was a piece of meteorite that Mr Cleavinger’s father found.  It weighs 60 pounds (about 27kg) – that’s huge!

We were able to ask him one of our “burning” science questions

Are all crystals minerals or Are all minerals crystals?

We learned that some minerals are crystals (it all comes down to where the minerals are formed we think) and all crystals are minerals.

Our videographers, Will and Ana did a great job of capturing the skype call and Piper, our class photographer, captured some fabulous images which you can see throughout this post.

If you’re interested, there’s more images in our Skype Connections set on Flickr.

Dotting Ourselves Around the World

Room 207 – thank you so much for being so willing to help me with the introduction for the Dots Around the World video and thank you for being so cooperative and amazing with your lines!  You were amazing and you start the video off really well! (Was that a compliment?)

Well, here’s the final video – we did it! We dotted ourselves around the world – 17 countries and over 30 classrooms took part!  Keep an eye out for your dots and your PreK buddies’ dots!  They are ALL spectacular and each and every one of them made me smile! I hope they make you smile too!

What’s even more special, is that Mr Peter Reynolds (yes, the author of The Dot) left me a comment on my blog about the video – I’ll show you it tomorrow morning!