NonFiction Google Presentation Project

Hello Room 207 students!  Here are the details of the NonFiction Project that I told you about today during Reading Workshop.  Remember that I will be showing you how to create a copy of the Google Presentation Project Master for the topic that you have chosen to teach us all about.
You do not need to start this project until we have done this together.

You can keep coming back to this presentation to check that you have completed all the things that your project needs before the final project due date: Friday 16th November.

The great thing about Google Docs Presentations is that you can work on them at home – just log into your google account like I showed you in class! Use the link on the sidebar of our class blog under Learning Links to go to Google Docs. (Remember your email address and your super-secure password with a capital and number).

Please make sure you read and understand the Important Things to Remember slides. (There are two of these slides)

There are three important check-in dates where certain things are due by:

1st Check in date: Friday 2nd November
What’s due?

  1. Topic for Project chosen
  2. Copy made of Project Presentation Master in your google docs (Ms H will show you how)
  3. Project correctly named and shared with Ms H (Ms H will show you how)
  4. Title Page of google doc complete

2nd Check in date: Friday 9th November
What’s Due?

  1. All pages complete and ready for Peer Review
  2. Share your google doc with your Reading partner

3rd Check in date: Wednesday 14th November
What’s Due?

  1. You should have left a comments and/or feedback on each slide for your Reading Partner on THEIR google doc project

4th Check in date: Friday 16th November
What’s Due?

  1. Your final revised, edited and completed google doc project presentation
    (No more changes allowed)

I know that we are all looking forward to creating our topic presentations and seeing each others creations!  Have fun and enjoy this project – and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you have – I will be leaving you comments on your projects as you are working on them too!

Happy Birthdays!

Earlier this month we wished Jason a happy birthday but didn’t leave him any comments. On Friday it was Madison’s birthday!

Please join me in the comments below to wish them both a Happy Birthday!

Our Fragile Earth

Here is the video we watched today. You might like to watch it again with your parents.

We had a great discussion about what we will be learning about in this new unit of study for Social Studies. Wasn’t it cool that by the end of our first day learning about Our Fragile Earth, we now know what a natural resource is and how humans use some of those natural resources! Tell your parents what you learned today!

Tonight I would like you to find out what ecosystem means. (You might ask your parents, look in a dictionary, use the internet …..). Then I would like you to write in your own words what ecosystem means in the comments on this post. Tomorrow we will look at everyone’s comments and see if we can write a really good definition for ecosystem.

Dear Parents ….. Unit Overviews

This week we will begin new units of study in Writing and Social Studies.

Click on the heading Unit Overviews (along the top of the Classroom Blog).  The menu will drop down so that you can choose  the subject you are looking for: Social Studies, or Writing to see what we will be doing in those units and ways that you can help at home.


Image Attribution: hwilliams_510

Dear Parents …..

CC Image by Flood G.

Reminders and Important Information:

We have library today.  Don’t worry if the library books were forgotten, but please help your son or daughter remember to return their books when they are finished with them. Thanks!

Thurs., Nov. 1—ES Parent Education Workshop—Math at 7:30 am (ES MPR)

Friday November 2nd is our ‘Out of Uniform’ Day. This is a change from the calendar.

International Day is coming soon… Mark your calendars, as Friday, November 30th is International Day in the Elementary School! Students will participate in a parade, an assembly, and many special activities, all in order to honor the wonderful diversity that defines our school. Students are invited to wear a costume representative of their home country to school that day.Throughout the week of International Day (November 26-29), students are invited to wear country t-shirts instead of their regular or P.E. uniform shirts. A country t-shirt represents a country or place you have visited with your family.Thank you, The International Day Committee