Mother Nature Project

Remember a few months ago, when we wrote a verse about lending mother nature a hand for a collaborative project with The American International School of Muscat in Oman? It fit quite well in with Our Fragile Earth unit of study didn’t it?

Mr Mongardi has been able to put together all of the verses that schools around the world submitted for the final song! Here’s the video below – it’s very cool! Enjoy!

Sorry the video has since been removed by the creator – I’m looking to see if I can find the original audio file of our part that we recorded.

Dear Parents ……… Unit Overviews

It’s almost the end of Semester 1! Can you believe how quickly time has gone by?  Safe travels to those of you traveling over the “Winter” break!

Click on Unit Overviews at the top of our blog for Reading and Science to see what we will be working on at the beginning of Semester 2!  (You might be inspired with gift ideas for Christmas based on what we will be learning about in Reading and Science).  Our Math Unit Overview is not quite ready yet, but we will be learning about Equal Groups (Multiplication).

Flowers and Snowmen

From my gorgeous sweet kind 3rd Graders! A big huge thank you to my gorgeous, sweet and caring 3rd Graders (and their Mum’s & Dad’s) for the beautiful basket of flowers and handmade cards (loved the messages!!).  What a lovely surprise and a massive hug-fest this morning!

Could the day get any better? Of course!  Team Challenge Day!  Take a look at what we got up to this afternoon!


Secret Squirrel Week

To end our first Semester together and to honour our Bucket Filling system – where we are kind and caring to one another – we will be having a secret squirrel week.  Please see the list below. A paper copy will come home on Friday afternoon as well as the name of the person each student will be the secret squirrel for. Everyone has filled out a survey form to help with the “things” to prepare.

It is really important that we do not reveal who we are the secret squirrel for – it’s a secret!  It’s really important that we don’t forget to bring our secret squirrel “thing” each day next week.  It’s really important to make sure that the person’s name is somewhere on the “thing” so that we know who to give it too, without revealing the secret squirrel.
More importantly, this is about being thoughtful and creating something special for the person you are secret squirrel for.
You could get everything ready for your “person” over the weekend.

From the master Secret Squirrel of Room 207