It’s almost the start of year for some so here’s a few apps you might like to try whether you’re a one iPad class, a 1:1 class or it’s just you and your iPhone and a document camera.  Love that there are ways to integrate great apps in your classroom regardless of what devices or how many devices you have available in your classroom!

BookLeveler (free)
artifactI wish I’d found this app at the start of last year! You can quickly and easily find appropriately leveled content for young readers. Either scan the ISBN barcode of a book or search for content by title and/or author to appropriately level and store that content based on your in-classroom experience.

If you use this app in your classroom, I’d love to know how it goes!

Update 2015: This app is now call Artifact Book App. You can still find appropriately leveled content for readers and it has other interesting features as well.

Artifact enables teachers, students and other readers to search, discover and reflect on books in new ways. The app combines reader contributions and machine learning to uncover the unique attributes of books and turns them into searchable criteria (aka artifacts).

iLEAP Pick a Student (free)
ileapTired of using popicle sticks and want to “kick it up a notch” with a wow factor? This app supports multiple different classes and various options to choose students. Choosing a student randomly will pick any student from the class, and using turn based selection every student will be picked before any student is picked again.  Show your iPhone under the doc camera or plug your iPad into the data projector to let students see what’s happening.

Whilst I haven’t used this particular app, (the one below is the one I used on my iPad ALL the time & my 3rd graders LOVED it) I thought this was worth mentioning especially because there doesn’t seem to be ads on this one (the one below does have ads – sorry).

randomnameselectorRandom Name Lite Selector (free)
I used this app all last year with my 3rd graders – they loved it – me, it was ok, but I found the ads annoying (they pop up ALL the time, not just at the beginning) but hey, small world problem for a FREE app! You can create one or more classes/groups. Add students to those groups. The App will then randomly select students from the highlighted group. All names will be displayed before a name is displayed for a second time. The background music is very circus-y but you can mute it – the star noise will still occur though. Sometimes, when I needed sort “turns” for presentations,  I’d plug in my iPad to the data project and have a monitor be responsible for pressing the select button.

TooLoud (free)
Absolutely LOVED this app – I’d just quietly plug the iPad into the data project (not saying a word) during independent working time and the impact was astounding!  It never lost it’s impact (I didn’t use it ALL the time).

Gave us the opportunity for a brilliant visual discussion about graphs during math time too!

Update Nov 2015:  App no longer available

Hope you find these useful in your classroom especially if you’re looking to slowly integrate technology into your learning environment in meaningful ways or even if you’re just looking to “change things up” a little!  I’d love to hear how you get on or what apps you’re using at the beginning of the year – please leave a comment!

Next post will be apps for the teacher – I’ll be sharing all the apps I just couldn’t imagine not having as a classroom teacher.

Featured Image Credit: TeachingSagittarian