Smooth Skyping

Smooth Skyping

Using Skype to Connect

We just had an amazingly smooth skype today with our collaborative partners and their very clever teacher in Malaysia. The picture was clear, the sound had a minimal delay but was very clear too. (All that finger & toe crossing must have worked!) It was cool to watch these 11-13 year old students interact with each other.

Some questions were exchanged and I’m sure that my students were most impressed to hear that monkeys quite often make their way into our partner’s school. Unfortunately we couldn’t say the same about sheep! (Although we realise New Zealand is famous for it’s many sheep!)

Our Collaborative Project

Together we’re building a wiki teaching each other how to use movie making programmes. We’re using Windows’ MovieMaker, our partner school are using Mac’s iMovie. Please check out our wiki to see our progress on this very cool learning journey we’re taking over the next ten weeks or so. If today was anything to go by – this project will rock our socks!