Big Footprints to Follow

Big Footprints to Follow

As I lay awake each night contemplating my next big step in the International teaching circuit and the changes to my teaching role in the form of becoming the ES Technology Learning Coach, I’m thinking a lot! (The name change from Facilitator to Learning Coach was my idea.)

Big Changes Ahead

My fabulous friend and colleague, Kim Cofino, will no longer be the 21st Century Literacy Specialist (Elementary School) and Technology Facilitator (Middle School). She’s leaving the country at the end of the school year and moving to Japan to take up a new technology position in Middle School at YIS. (FYI, YIS, you’re incredibly lucky!!)

Jeff Utecht (bless his heart he’ll still be around for me to yell for when the going gets tough) will no longer be the ES Technology Facilitator – next school year. He’s moving up to the High School to be their Technology Facilitator.

It will just be me in Elementary School. You sense my dilemma don’t you?  These are some pretty big footprints to follow!! So, wonderful PLN – here’s where you come in.  Please help a girl get some much needed sleep!?

Classroom Teachers/Educators

What do you most want out of your Technology Learning Coach/Facilitator/Integrator (or whatever else your school calls it)?

What do you not want?

Tech Facilitators/Integrators/Coaches

What’s your best piece of advice for me?
What are the do’s and don’ts of this kind of position?


What do you want from your Tech Learning Coach/Facilitator/Integrator?

Thank you in Advance!

All suggestions, tips, ideas and advice welcome and gratefully received!