Flixtime – it’s been in my “lookatlater” list on delicious for a while and now that it’s Summer Break here in Thailand, I’ve got some time to check out everything on this list. ¬†Some changes have been made to Flixtime since I first bookmarked it and I think that those changes will push Flixtime ahead of PhotoPeach and Animoto for digital storytelling. It’s easy to create an account and I like that you can create 60s videos for free.

Flixtime is very simple to use.  Create new video, name your video, add a description, upload your photos/video, choose your title image, add music (it automatically adjusts the time to the length of your images/video) add text, save and render.

What Flixtime offers, that PhotoPeach doesn’t, is that you can add voice over too. The tool button to do that does not appear until you have saved and rendered your video though.

You can either upload your recorded voice or you can record on the spot. I like that feature too.

A few photos, no captions, a bit of music, no voice over (but I will get my son to make his own video about this) and a few minutes (it was very quick), here’s my finished product. All the transitions are done automatically by flixtime.

Update: Unfortunately this tool is no longer available and with it went any videos saved in this format.