One of the reasons I was fortunate enough to be invited to the JIS Technology Learning Institute at the beginning of August, was because I blog with students – not just my own anymore, but with students right through our Elementary School now in my role as ES Technology & Learning Coach.

Below is the Keynote from the first Blogging Session – How To Get Started that I did with JIS Faculty – unfortunately their blogging platform was not ready – so I did a lot of the talking. Good questions were asked and I hope I answered most of them – especially about why Blogging in the Classroom can be so rewarding for students (and for the teacher – after the initial hard work!).

Blogging in the Classroom: Getting Started

Key Points Covered

  1. Class or individual blogs;
  2. Rules and Guidelines;
  3. Motivation;
  4. Blogroll;
  5. Sidebar Widgets;
  6. Posts vs Pages;
  7. Effective and engaging posts;
  8. Connect with others;
  9. RSS Feeds;
  10. Creative Commons;
  11. Media file storage;
  12. Useful links.

I also hoped to do another session with the JIS faculty – Blogging – Making it Sustainable! But as with these things, we ran out of time. I’ve embedded it below for your convenience.

Classroom Blogging – Making it Sustainable

Key Points

  1. Let the students own it;
  2. Use a variety of media;
  3. Be open and forge connections;
  4. Join a blogging challenge;
  5. Comment regularly;
  6. Get parents/families involved.

Helpful Resources




Special thanks

Special thanks needs to go out to my twitter PLN mates for their super ideas on sustaining blogging in the classroom – @dakinane @heymilly @lenva @pam_thompson @allanahk @glassbeed – you guys are awesome and of course you had to be included in the credits!

Cross-posted here on the Technology & Learning Blog;  Originally written in 2011; Updated in 2017