dropboxI’ve been storing my documents, files and photos online for a while now.  My number one option is Dropbox.  Just recently I signed up for 100MB of storage (at $US9.99 a month) to help me transfer my work laptop files to my home laptop files before having to hand in my work laptop.  I figured it would take less time (yes) and be more advantageous (aka: really make me think about whether I needed those files/documents/pdfs/photos or not!).  – (Yes!!).

When I get settled, I’ll probably forgo the paid option of Dropbox and transfer files back to my home laptop as the amount of free Dropbox storage I’ve been able to accumulate thanks to a generous referral scheme will be suffice for my storage needs. If you’re not a dropbox user – click here to get your starting 2GB (& grow my space a little bit more) with the potential to earn up to 18GB more when referring your friends!

boxThere are other cloud storage options out there, I also use Box which now gives away 5GB free storage when you join.  When they started up, they were giving away a very generous 50GB – so I took advantage of that! Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a referral scheme to earn more storage space, by hey, 5GB for free – that’s still pretty generous!  It’s the same amount that icloud gives you free.

I use icloud storage simply to backup files on my iphone/ipad that I don’t have anywhere else.  I do that so that if something happens to either one of my personal devices, I can easily restore everything!

copyNow there’s a new kid on the block!  It’s called Copy and they are giving away a massive 15GB storage FREE – yes, that’s right – FREE!  Now, you know me, typical kiwi – I love free things and this offer is no exception!

I really like the fact I know have 3 options for storage and I don’t have to rely on just one or two sources.  You can join Copy via this referral link to get your free 15GB of cloud storage and help my storage increase a little (because Copy has a referral scheme that allows you to earn up to 5GB more!)