I’m not quite sure how many faithful readers I have left ……. but to those of that still have me in your RSS feed or those of you that stop by in the hope that I’ve updated my blog …….. I say thank you.  Thank you for checking by or for reading this post.

No parking

Image by JetSetWilly http://www.flickr.com/photos/jetsetwilly/1401229809/

Somehow, my blog has managed to end up on a “block this site” list within Thailand.  It’s been very hard to get to the bottom of why and it seems that (thanks Jeff Utecht for the brilliant explanation and many, many thanks to the always helpful Chris Craft) my BlueHost hosted website on a shared IP address has had it’s said Shared IP address blocked by the MICT in Thailand.  Try to find out why has been next to impossible so I’m guessing that it’s not my site that’s causing the blockage but probably one of the 100 sites that share the same IP Address as me.  (I have doubled checked my blog and it’s content to ensure I’m not offending anyone and I’m pretty sure I’m not!).

Enter BlueHost’s Active Chat – extremely helpful and efficient service within 2 minutes I’m chatting with someone at BlueHost explaining my dilema.  The solution:  Pay $30 per year for a dedicated IP address.  Mmmmmm, I was kinda hoping you could switch me from that server ……… obviously not.

So I’m seriously considering doing that.  It’s made me take a step back and reflect on whether I want to continue blogging on my own domain ……. in fact, it’s made me really think “do I want to continue blogging in general?”  (Given that my contribution to my own blog over the last 9 months has been abysmal to say the least!)  Turns out I do.  I’m not ready to let this blogging thing go yet.  I do have much more to share.  I do love helping people and I do like writing when I’ve got something that I feel is worth saying/sharing/explaining.

Right now, I want to make sure that the Shared IP Address is the only reason why I’m experiencing difficulty getting to the backend of my blog.  I have this nagging feeling that there’s a bit more to sort out  as I can’t even get compfight to load right now!

I’ll keep you posted ………. hopefully …………