My students and I would like to organise a collaborative project – and use our iPads in class at the same time.  We have 3 iPads in our class right now – all provided by me, not the school.  If you have access to at least one iPad for your class (or an iTouch) and you’d like to take part in a collaborative video – please read on …


The inspiration for this collaborative project came from this video (Mr. Colosi’s First Grade Class) posted by Lucy Gray on Google+ last week. Their inspiration came from Peter Reynold’s book “The Dot”

There is an official dot day – September 15th.  I’d like to extend this video idea to Dots Around the World and release the video on September 15th.

What Do You Need?

An iPad (or more if you have them) and time (time for your students to create their dot pictures using any ipad app you wish – I’m thinking the more different apps we use the more versatile we can show the iPads art capabilities).  I was also thinking that iTouches would be ok to use as well if you don’t have iPads.

Possible Apps to Use

You are certainly not limited to just these ones – but here’s a few suggestions!
Doodle Buddy (free)  Inkflow (free)  Drawing Box (free) Draw (free)
Procreate (4.99)  MyBrushes (1.99) Drawing Pad (1.99)

Optional Extra

These iPad apps shared below are awesome to use if you are willing to choose one or two students to record the actual drawing of their dots (I’ll speed these special recordings up for the final Video). 

EducreationsShowMe, ScreenChomp (sorry, no longer supported), Doodlecast Pro, or Explain Everything  

Please let me know directly (via email) if you would like to do this optional extra part as well.

Very Important

Please include student name and the app used to create the dot on the image.  Click this link to see an example.

How Do We Get The Dot Drawings To You?

There are several different ways to get your dots to me before the 12 September deadline:

Dropbox / Box net
If you’re a dropbox/box net user – simply let me know in the table below and I will share you in on a special folder for dropping your images in

I’ve set up a flickr group called Dots Around the World.  If you join our project simply upload your photos to this group if you are a flickr member already. (Request membership & it will be approved).  Short videos can also be posted here as well.

Or you can just email your dots to me (or better still have your kids email their finished dot straight from the iPad if you have it set up)


To help meet the release date of September 15th, there is an important timeframe to stick to please!

All dots to be included in the video need to be in dropbox, box net, flickr or sent via email by Wednesday 12 September – so that the video can be ready for release on Saturday 15th September. This date will be strictly adhered to so if your video has not been received by the due date, we won’t be able to include it in the September 15th release!

Can anyone think of anything I’ve forgotten?

Still Interested?

Please click this link to the Dots Around the World Spreadsheet to help me keep track of who’s taking part and how you’re going to get your images to me!

Please feel free to invite anyone you think might like to join in!

Update: Link to Finished Project Video