The response to an idea I had while watching this movie, was amazing. When I pitched the idea to my 3rd Grade students, they were more than willing to help spread the idea and get some other classrooms to collaborate in our Dots Around the World global collaborative project.  You can check out how we did that in our post Dotting Ourselves Around the World.

And it worked! We managed to dot ourselves around the world – literally! 17 countries, over 30 classes ranging from PreK to Year 11. Each and every dot made us smile – I hope it makes you smile too! Happy International Dot Day everyone!

Many, many thanks to the teachers who signed up, took part with their iPads and their students and got their dots in! You can see everyone who was involved in the credits at the end of the final video.

If you are interested in how the whole global project was put together, you can read our Dots Around the World Collaborative Project post.

Dots Around the World! (Updated: Version 3)

sample of Dots Around the World from Room 207