I don’t think I’ll ever escape the wonderment and awe of using google to help create, fix or do something that you have absolutely no idea how to AND having it work! It’s a real sense of achievement that you figured it out – but it wouldn’t be possible without some good ol’ google search magic! I’ve been manually updating my CV for quite some time now – a rather laborious but necessary task in my line of work! I knew that I could embed my google doc (where I have my CV for easy updating). When I first tried the obvious embed of going to the google doc, click publish to the web, copy embed code, paste code in Text editor on blog. Well, yes, that worked BUT it was too small and of course there’s no way to edit iframe code! (Apparently you can but this chick doesn’t know how to do that and it looked way complicated with javascript blah, blah, blah!)
Enter (Insert saviour music) Google Search to the rescue! You totally hummed dah, dahdah, dah, dah, dah dah dahhh didn’t you?? In less than 3 seconds I had a recommended plug in (well two actually), Google Apps Login & Google Drive Embedder. Although I wasn’t really after the Google Apps Login bit, I quickly discovered that without it, the Google Drive Embedder (which I really wanted) wouldn’t work!  After installing the plugins & activating them in my wordpress blog, I got a nifty little message pointing me to instructions to set everything up.  (Love that!)
Google Embedder Plugin
Those instructions included a video option if preferred but I just followed the written instructions. Less than 10 minutes later, wa-lah, CV embedded beautifully!  (Note Jan 2018: I have since updated my website and no longer use the embedded google doc for my CV) Thanks Google! Thanks WordPress Plugins Installer!  Nicely done! (Insert little fist pump to myself!)
  Google Search Image: Pixabay CC0 Creative Commons