’s summer vacation, my son is enjoying an hour on his PlayStation, and I’m enjoying the time to just browse the internet, catch up on the starred posts in my google reader, read some books (some fiction, some teacher-ish!) and generally relax.  It’s been a while since I last posted …… I thought I might be having writer’s block again, but the more I think about, the more I’m convinced that I really haven’t had anything worthwhile to say for a while.

I do have a few posts brewing, one on Writer’s Workshop (my own personal area for development and improvement for the 2009/10), a reflection post on the whirlwind year moving from New Zealand to Bangkok, Thailand, and a few other little projects gently simmering in the background!

I did stumble across this handy little video today, thanks to my good friend, Silvia (aka: langwitches):
It’s called 5 Tips and Tricks for SMARTBoard Notebook 10 by YouTube show of eduTecher Steve Bellow.

The tips and tricks are very handy indeed – I didn’t realise that you could drag PDFs or Word Docs straight over to your Notebook file (if you’re a mac user) and I didn’t realise that the magic pen had 3 extremely useful functions!

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