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It seems that this is a “hot topic” in a lot of schools as we head back to begin another school year.  JIS, was no exception.  We started off with a great conversation about ipads vs laptops vs netbooks – why would I want one of these in my class?  My personal opinion is, it’s another tool – use what you’ve got – experiment with what you’ve got – make what’s been made available to you work.  I’m also one of those people who’s prepared to purchase my own tool to experiment with to see if it works in the classroom for my students and/or myself before I ask admin to consider purchasing said-tools for the classroom. iPad2

A couple of days ago, I bought the iPad2.  (My son already has an iPad – it’s become his personal device – so I really don’t have the heart to permanently “borrow” his!  And that’s exactly what the iPad is supposed to be – a personal device.  But, we teachers like to take things that we only have one or two of, and make it work in the classroom environment with many more “bodies” that it was originally designed for!  (That’s why we’re such a creative and innovative bunch!).  So I believe you can make 6 iPads work in class of 20/22/32.  It will take organisation, it will need experimenting, and it will take some effort – but it can be done!

I’m glad we had an opportunity to talk about iPads in the classroom, I’m glad that teachers were able to voice their concerns, their excitement and their questions before we got down and dirty with some top apps for the classroom and ways to use them!  JIS has purchased 40 iPad2’s for their campuses.  I’m hoping that I’ll hear how it’s going and what teachers are doing with them in classroom over the coming year!

Now, here’s the part of the session that really started to buzz – the apps!  Oh the apps! There’s so many great apps out there! So, modeling one of the new online tools that I’d already exposed the teachers too, I used LiveBinders.com to create a resource called iPad Apps for the Classroom.  Click on the link or click on the image below to see this resource.

iPad Apps for the Classroom
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