I recently had the privilege of working with teachers and assistants at a local school here in Two Rocks. It was part of an ongoing professional development plan for 2014. The staff were about to begin their learning journey with the SAMR model and their new 60+ iPads. Unfortunately the new iPads had arrived but weren’t ready for deployment.  With my own training iPads and a few BYO devices we were able to have enough devices for one between two teachers. Thankfully there was time for the BYO devices to install the apps we’d be exploring for the first session.

Introducing SAMR

Dr Reuben Puentedura’s SAMR model was introduced using this very short but explicit video SAMR in 120 seconds.


After discussing examples of technology integration tasks and where they fit into the SAMR model, 6 versatile iPad apps were introduced. Included in our timeframe was “sandpit” time for playing/experimenting with the apps. I’m always blown away by the ideas that people come up with for ways to use various apps in the classroom. The twist to this activity was to name where on the SAMR model, that task would go. When beginning a learning journey using SAMR, I find that this is the most difficult thing to do, but keeping the end learning outcome of the task in mind, helps.

Supporting Slides

Below is the presentation framework I used for the pd session. You can see the apps that were introduced. These apps were specifically chosen for their flexibility within the SAMR model. I wanted to showcase specific apps that generate excitement for first time users of the iPads in the classroom. I also wanted apps that had enough edu-rigor to encourage tasks or use that fit along the SAMR continuum.

Another SAMR Resource

A few days after the PD session, I took part in a Google Hangout shared by Silvia Tolisano and some of her colleagues regarding SAMR. It was most timely! I highly recommend that you set aside some time to watch the recording of this hangout. It will be useful if you or your school have an interest in SAMR and how it fits with authentic, purposeful and meaningful technology integration in any subject area.