I was just checking the Learning2.012 website for the registration information for this year’s  conference at the Western Academy of Beijing (Thursday 11 October – Saturday 13 October)  – and discovered that it’s full! Fantastic news! There is, however, a waiting list – click here if you would like to go on the waiting list.

The Learning 2.0 conference is a transformative, challenging experience for all participants; it is the conference that leads the change in education. As a participant, at Learning 2.012, you will attend a variety of sessions including extended workshops from recognized leaders in the region and worldwide, workshops, unconference sessions, and meetings with your cohort group. We want to ensure that the learning continues beyond the conference by facilitating network-building opportunities through conversations which are then extended, sustained and supported online.

The breakdown of sessions looks like this for each participant:
* Two Extended Sessions led by our Learning 2 Leaders (3 – 3.5 hours)
* One Learning 2 Leaders presentation: the big idea in a nutshell
* Two additional workshops or presentations
* Two ‘unconference’ sessions
* Three ‘cohort’ sessions in curriculum/common interest groupings
* Three sets of Learning 2 Talk sessions


I’m very excited about this conference! I love the new format and I haven’t been able to attend Learning2.0 for the past two years.  This year I’m one of the Learning 2 Leaders for the strand 1:1 in the Elementary Classroom.  Being in the classroom really is my passion and after two years as the Technology & Learning Coach at ISB, I’m pleased to say I’m returning to the classroom to teach Grade 3. I’ve missed being in the classroom very much and can’t wait to get right back into it!

Of course, I’m thrilled to be leading learning alongside old friends and technology greats such as Keri-Lee Beasley, Clint Hamada, Julie Lindsay, Jess McCulloch, Jabiz Raisdana, Dana Watts and Jeff Utecht. It will be fantastic to see them all face to face again – it’s been a while – and I’m looking forward to learning, growing, sharing and laughing with them all again.  Whilst Kim Cofino, Simon May and Madeline Brooks aren’t leading any sessions this year – they have been furiously working behind the scenes with organisation – making this conference the best yet!  I can’t wait to catch up with them too!

I’m especially excited about FINALLY meeting Chris Betcher face to face – we’ve been like ships passing in the night for several years now, enjoying a PLN friendship for a few years but never actually meeting face to face. Can’t wait!! I’m looking forward to meeting and learning from Dean Shareski and Lucy Gray too – both have featured in my PLN for several years now too.

If you’re registered and going to Learning2.012 in October – see you there!  Please come up and say hi – I’d love to talk to you!  If you’re interested, get yourself on that waiting list – you just never know!