Yesterday afternoon was an afternoon well spent! We projected the Life’RoundHere wiki onto our IWB and watch the 6 movies from our allocated Peer Review School, San Jose Episcopal Day School in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

First of all, I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Chris Craft for organizing such an digital-literacy-rich-global project for our students. My students have produced some of their best work during this project and it was a prime opportunity to build on the skills we learnt during our ProjectFeelGood project with Kim Cofino and Mont’Kiara International School in Kuala Lumpur earlier in the year.

Second, Pupils at San Jose Episcopal Day School, your 6 movies were very, very good and it was a pleasure to watch each one.  The decision was an extremely close one and you all deserve a big round of applause for your efforts!

Using the Grading Rubric from Life’RoundHere, we paired up and watched each movie one by one together.  Using the rubric, points were allocated for each area and then added up.  The conversation after each movie was enlightening and most beneficial.  It was encouraging to hear the partners debating the marks to be given and sharing their reasons with each other for the mark they wanted to give.
After all the movies were watched and marks allocated and totaled, we had a quick maths revision on finding averages!  First we added up each pair’s marks for the first movie then divided that by the number of pairs (13) to give us the average mark for that movie.  We then did this for each of the movies.

I’m an advocate of peer review,  and in my opinion it  makes a difference to the quality of work produced by my students.  In a positive and constructive way, students are exposed to what works and what doesn’t and are able to see directly for themselves the impact of certain techniques on digital literacy.

We’ve been involved as peer reviewers for two projects now; The Horizon Project and recently, The Flat Classroom Project headed up by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, and whilst it’s been pretty “tough” going for my students – much information to digest in a short space of time – the feedback that they write is very positive about how much they enjoyed learning about media, design and the web.  I’ve certainly seen the influence of being peer reviewers for these two projects in the design and organisation that my class are now involved in for our contribution to Jen Wagner’s Salute to Seuss Project.

Is it worth getting involved in International Global Projects?
Absolutely, without hesitation, take a breath and jump right in!!  It is worth it!

Again Chris, Thanks so much!  This was certainly an imaginative and catchy project, that incorporated skills,  reflection, inspiration, motivation and peer review.  The Peer Review was a very clever way to keep us all involved and to chunk down the judging.  We wait anxiously for the next round results and look forward to the “celebrity judges” decision in the final round!