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Motivational Statistics

Eeek! Last post to this blog - September 29, 2012! Motivated by a spam comment notification received on my iPhone and not being able to spam it (for whatever reason) like I usually do on my phone ..... prompted me to log into the backend of my blog on my laptop....

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iPad Apps to Try Out

We are currently using 3 iPads in our Grade 3 classroom - and loving them!  Wish we had more - but we are making the 3 work for us.  Recently, I was able to share some "must have" apps with my colleagues - it's immensely enjoyable when you inspire people with a few...

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Learning2.012 – Full

I was just checking the Learning2.012 website for the registration information for this year's  conference at the Western Academy of Beijing (Thursday 11 October - Saturday 13 October)  - and discovered that it's full! Fantastic news! There is, however, a waiting list...

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Search Engines for Kids

Over the past few days I've been working with Grade 4 students who are either creating Top Ten Lists (and requiring more research information to justify their top ten) or are researching topics for their Non-Fiction Feature Articles in Writers Workshop.  In order to...

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Using Cooliris Express

Today I've been playing around with Cooliris Express trying to create a 3-D photo wall to embed in my blog.  The cool thing about this photowall is that it will update as pictures are added to my flickr photostream. For the photowall below, I'm using the 366 2012 set...

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StopMotion (TimeLapse) with the iPad

My previous post Working Together, showed an app that I've been using to capture stop-motion on the iPad and/or iPhone.  There are quite a number of stop-motion apps out now, so I thought I'd share the ones I know about and what I think of them from a working with...

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I mentioned Pinterest in an earlier post in which I said it was really appealing to my creative/visual side.  Usually I'm busing reading my extensive Google Reader lists of "Must Reads", "Might Reads", "News", "Photography", etc etc, happily starring (really good for...

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Chrome Extensions

Each week on a Friday, I get to spend 30 minutes with an amazing young man - my ES Technician - Khun Tua.  Recently we've been sharing our knowledge and discoveries on the iPad and the Chrome Browser. Here's a few things we've been sharing: Chrome Extensions: Chrome...

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I'm not quite sure how many faithful readers I have left ....... but to those of that still have me in your RSS feed or those of you that stop by in the hope that I've updated my blog ........ I say thank you.  Thank you for checking by or for reading this post....

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Life We Got

Ok, so I really should be updating my professional blog, travel blog AND photography blog with the zillion and one idea posts on my list - but I find myself procrastinating AGAIN and watching inspiring video links from Facebook instead!  It started with the gorgeous...

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11/11/11. On this day, at 11pm, (US time) the film below is set to be released on YouTube. By the way ... we are truly lucky to have Amy Krouse Rosenthal visiting ISB in the new year! I am very excited to meet her! Click on her name above to access her site. Of...

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Presentation Zen

One of my most favourite professional development books is Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds.  He has a Presentation Zen website with plenty of information and tips too if you can't quite get your hands on the book - A 2nd Edition copy has just been...

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iPad Apps for the Classroom

(cross-posted at Virtual Rm231)It seems that this is a "hot topic" in a lot of schools as we head back to begin another school year.  JIS, was no exception.  We started off with a great conversation about ipads vs laptops vs netbooks - why would I want one of these in...

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Ten Online Tools to Kick Start the Year

Loved this session - I think it's the oooohs & the ahhhhhhs that teachers let out when they "dabble" a little with the tools. LiveBinders was perfect for introducing 9 other fabulous tools to use in the classroom - not just at the start of the year, but all year...

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Technology Learning Institute @JIS

It's been a humbling experience to be invited to Jakarta International School as a consultant for their Technology Learning Institute PD.  This is the second time JIS has conducted this kind of PD for their faculty - but this time, if teachers wanted to attend, they...

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