Since we’ve just returned from a fabulous first ever trip to the South Island, what better subject with stunning photos to try out PhotoPeach.  And I’m impressed.


It’s FREE, and super easy to use. (Grade 5’s will find this a breeze).  You have the option of choosing from the generous list of free audio for background sound or you can upload your own music.  You can’t record voice audio each photo but you could record your voice using GarageBand (macs) or Audacity (PCs) as you have your PhotoPeach story playing (so you get the timing right).  You would have to forfeit the background music option though.  The sharing options include Facebook, Twitter (url), html code (for embedding in blogs) MySpace, email or Copy Link.  Images can be added from your computer, Picasa, Facebook or Flickr.

I really like the editing feature – you can edit captions, add photos, swap the order of photos etc even after you’ve published it – when you’re working with students I think this option is a must – since it provides an opportunity for students to evaluate, reflect and then make improvements (if necessary) to their work without having to start again.

Use in the Classroom
I will introduce PhotoPeach to my class at the beginning of the year (August 2009) using it as a way for them to introduce themselves to me and the rest of class.  I’d have them take photos to represent themselves, (no identifying photos, since we will be sharing the stories on our blogs).

It’s a presentation tool to be added to our classroom “toolbox” for digital storytelling.

Steps to Setting Up a Story
PhotoPeach - Home - Updates

At moment due to a problem with permissions, flickr is not available (not sure if that’s a problem with me or with PhotoPeach).  I used the photos in my facebook album first.

PhotoPeach - Create New Slideshow

PhotoPeach - Create New Slideshow

I found the adding the captions easy at first, but when I wanted no caption I wasn’t sure if missing a line would result in no caption. (Someone else can try this). It was much easier to add/edit captions after I was finished.

First South Island Visit on PhotoPeach - free photo slideshows with music

Using the editing option I was able to add in more photos (from my computer this time) adjust the speed (slower) and edit the captions.

First South Island Visit on PhotoPeach - free photo slideshows with music