One of my most favourite professional development books is Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds.  He has a Presentation Zen website with plenty of information and tips too if you can’t quite get your hands on the book – A 2nd Edition copy has just been released too – Voices that Matter.

I highly recommend that you purchase your own copy of the book and I highly recommend that you give Presentation Zen a try in your classroom. If you are interested, I wrote a post detailing how and what I first learnt about Presentation Zen during my COETAIL learning journey back in 2009.

Presentation Zen in the Classroom

Currently I use the presentation zen style for PD sessions with faculty as much as I can. When I was in the classroom I used this style in all the Keynotes I prepared ahead for Readers and Writers Workshop visual mini lessons.  The result in the classroom was (I think) better conversations, shorter mini-lessons and increased motivation and inspiration – especially for writing.

Recently at the JIS Technology Learning Institute, I ran a popular session on using presentation zen in the classroom. To give you an idea of what was in this session, I’ve embedded (and linked to) the Keynote (which was uploaded to SlideShare) I used to introduce the basics of Presentation Zen.  After looking at the basics, we looked at an actual Readers Workshop keynote (also embedded for you below) that I’d used in the past.

Next, I asked the session participants to begin work on their own Presentation Zen keynote.  This session was a great way to not only introduce the basics of presentation zen and keynote but it encouraged a really good conversation about Creative Commons and copyright, which a lot of schools are struggling with.

Do you use PresentationZen?

What ways do you use it?