My previous post Working Together, showed an app that I’ve been using to capture stop-motion on the iPad and/or iPhone.  There are quite a number of stop-motion apps out now, so I thought I’d share the ones I know about and what I think of them from a working with students practical point of view.


iMotion HD (free – Export option $1.99)
(Disclaimer: My favourite)
Pros: Easy to use; Chose between time-lapse, manual, remoted, & audio (record sound or not); A slider adjusts the interval frame between shots; iPhone version & iPad version; Captures in both Portrait and Landscape; Has some useful overlay capture tools such as Onion Skin, Torch, Grid, Manual Focus; Unlimited movie size; Access to a gallery for ideas;
I think that it’s best feature is the iMotion remote app (also free).  This is especially handy for the manual setting (when you make those amazing moving character stop-motions).  Students used the remote on my iPhone while capturing with the iPad – this minimises the need to tap the iPad when you’re ready for the next manual shot of your stop-motion.  Very cool!
Cons:  Can’t turn off the loop playback on your device; Can’t add an audio (music file) unless you import into iMovie (or something similar). Can “pause” a project but once stopped can not add to it – a new movie needs to be started (so to join “projects” together you need to import them into iMovie or something similar).  Unless you purchase the export option ($1.99) you can not  get your stop-motions off your device – you can only watch them.  The export option gives you exporting to Photo Library, iTunes Sharing Folder and Email or a direct upload to YouTube –
Overall: Remote feature is very worth while especially when working with students and the need to align everything correctly when animating objects.  Really does need the export feature for versatility – I think that makes the $1.99 worth it.


O’Snap (on sale right now: .99 – usually $2.99)
Pros: Easy to adjust settings; Use front or back camera; Change the resolution; Grid overlay; Portrait or landscape; Can change default settings; Has a handy reminder feature so you never forget to take a photo (handy if you want to take a picture a day at a certain time); Overlay capture types include grid, onion skin, adjustable brackets, and ‘eyes’ to keep your photo sequences aligned and consistent; Include music or other audio from your device; Delay start; Projects are ongoing; add or delete images any time you like; Option to darken screen to save battery life; Can limit the amount of photos captured; Share your video project easily via Facebook, email, YouTube or save to camera roll;
Cons:  Pay (.99c) for photo import option; No iPad version; (opens as a small screen on iPad); No remote app;
Overall: At $2.99, a more expensive option – but has a few more interesting features than iMotionHD

Stop Motion Cafe

Stop Motion Cafe (free)
Pros: HD Video 720p; Can edit images (delete); Front & Back camera support; easy -+ adjust frames per second; Can export individual frames to camera roll; Continue to add frames to a project; Mute the sound or capture audio in frame;
Cons: No export to YouTube; email; Facebook – only saves video (called elaborate video) to your camera roll; Interface not as easy to follow as other apps. No iPad version;
Overall:  A little clunky with limited features – but ok for a free app if you want to have a go.

Time-Lapse HD Free

Time-Lapse HD Free
Pros: Easy, simple interface; adjustable frames per minute recording; adjustable frames per minute playback; Converts to video as soon as you stop/save; Saves to your camera roll; iPhone version & iPad version; Able to email video;
Cons:  Has ads; Frame limit (60); Need to purchase Pro Version (1.99) to get rid of ads, adjust frame limit & gain upload option to YouTube
Overall: Very easy to use, with limited options – good for a free app and to get started with.

Stop Animator

Stop Animator (free – Pro Version 0.99c)
*Note: free version not available in all stores
Pros:  It’s free;
Cons: Totally manual – no automatic features; no export features; Free version not available in the NZ store; Has ads;
Overall: Do not waste your time downloading this free version – there are better free ones out there.