COETAIL Course 5: Reflection Post 4

Our Peer Review Process

Today we spent a 45 minute session watching and peer-reviewing each others’ completed PSAs.  Unfortunately, due to two days of closure right before our Songkran break, we needed to export our iMovie projects to a finished product BEFORE a peer-review.  I would be extremely hesitant to export again before a peer-review.   The conversations and feedback that were taking place in the classroom during this session was awesome and I could see the realisation of mistakes on student’s faces – it was disappointing for me and for them in not to be able to give them class time to go back, refine, reedit and re-polish their projects.

Before this session, we had watched all of the PSAs, on the big screen, as a showcase, clapping and cheering, with no commenting or reviewing – just for sheer celebration of hard work and a finished project.  This I recommend as it’s fantastic just to enjoy the finished product and take a breather from all the hard work without the creators feeling that their work is straight away, under the microscope.

I created this google doc and shared it with my all of my students prior to this session.

This was a brilliant idea!  All our feedback was on one document.  We went through the document first and talked about answering the questions based only on what you saw and heard in the PSA.  As a class we also decided that you need to watch the PSA at least 3 times – each time concentrating on a different section (content, polish or copyright) at a time.  Before we begun documenting our feedback, we also went through the gdoc, group by group and added the title of the PSA and the peer reviewers names to their section of the document first.  This was so that everyone was adding their feedback in the right place.  Each group of 4 had two laptops – one with the google doc open, the other with YouTube open to watch the PSA.

We had groups of 4 (either made up from each pair of creators, or two single creators teamed up with a pair of creators).  We had 4 individual projects and 8 pair projects to review).

Today, each group reviewed 1 PSA each.  In our next review session, we will probably review one more, with some groups reviewing two more.  I expect that the reviewing will be much quicker as they will all know what they’re looking and listening for.