Today was pretty awesome! Like a jar of jellybeans, the variety of the day was what made it so awesome. There are no days working as a technology coach that are ever exactly the same!  How cool is that? Here’s how the day went …

Getting 5th Graders Started with Blogs

Today started with working with two classes (one after the other) of 5th Graders on getting their individual blogs going. It’s so rewarding to help students set up their own learning space, watch them take ownership and begin to share their learning with their peers and others around the world. I can’t wait to see/read what they do with their blogs!

Kindergarten and Pixie

Next, it was off to work with the Kinders exploring a brand new program called Pixie (to take the place of the much loved but seriously out of date KidPix) – Working with Kinders is so different to working with 5th Graders! Those Kinders sure do keep me on my toes and remind me to chunk my instructions, take it slow and be flexible!  (Plus you really need your sense of humour here – Kinders keep me humble as a teacher too!)

Introducing First Graders to Laptops

Working with first graders rocks! To finish the day off, we’re introducing a Grade 1 class to the laptops. First graders are like little sponges! And so excited to be using the laptops. We focused on how to look after the laptops, from getting them out of the cart, to using them at our tables and putting them away again.  My favourite strategy for helping them to collaborate with a partner while using the laptop is to have a “driver” and a “navigator”.  The “navigator” doesn’t touch the “steering wheel – aka the laptop” – they are the chief navigator and have to use their words to help the “driver”.  The “driver” drives the laptop, so it’s their hands on the keyboard. Then we swap over.  I like to use a timer on my phone to help ensure that everyone gets a shared turn “driving” the laptop or being the “navigator”.

But Wait … There’s More …

Today also involved walking in and out of 3 different teacher’s classrooms in the space of ten minutes to teach them how to do something that was frustrating them.

And then hearing from a teacher, who’d asked you earlier in the day how to do something, to which you had to say “I don’t know, but I will find out for you!” Then they email you and say they’d figured it out, and they teach you how to do it!!

The “ideal day” just can’t get any better than that!  So how was your day?

Image Attribution:  Jellybean Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash