Today I’ve been playing around with Cooliris Express trying to create a 3-D photo wall to embed in my blog.  The cool thing about this photowall is that it will update as pictures are added to my flickr photostream. For the photowall below, I’m using the 366 2012 set to pull photos for the Cooliris Express. I think for another wall, I will use “cooliris” as a tag for the photos I want to be picked up by the feed.

It is possible to pull content, not only from flickr, but from picassa, facebook, YouTube and Media RSS.  You can customize a few things in your 3-D photo wall such as colour, how many rows of photos (1-5) and there’s a choice of 6 themes for your photo wall.

It’s relatively simple to set up (log into Cooliris Express using your facebook or google account) and you can save your wall.  Filtering is easy too as you can name a particular set or tag of photos you want displayed on your blog.   As I write this, I’m just wondering if you can embed the 3-D wall in the sidebar – I guess you can but it would be pretty small, and I kinda like the flickr app I already have in my sidebar.