Last week our Elementary School had it’s annual International Day celebration.  It’s a fabulous day where we come together and celebrate our differences and similarities.  This year’s theme was One Day One World.  Our clever Art Specialists, Paz Molina & Trish Neubrand came up with a mural idea that would ensure that ALL the ES students could contribute too.


What Did We Decide To Do

All of the ES students contributed to a large mural during their art times. As the physical items for the mural were made and added to the mural, we decided to create a special time-lapse of everyone’s effort.

How Did We Do It?

It took just over a week for the mural to slowly come together.  Using the iPad app iMotionHD we set the iPad2 up each day to capture the putting together of the mural.  iMotionHD has a free version and it is good but the paid version allows you to export – so we purchased the paid version – this has been a worthwhile investment as it makes exporting finished projects a breeze!

Key Learning

Since we created this stop-motion movie over a number of days, it was very important to:

  • mark out (using masking tape) the placement of the iPad (on the table)
  • mark out the placement of the table the iPad sat on, and
  • mark out the placement of the Mural

This ensured that each time we captured an art session, the differences in capture were minimal.

Finishing Touches & The End Result

Using iMovie, all the exported iMotionHD captures were imported in, some still images were added, along with some catchy Creative Commons music called Spring the Swing by Papa_Zulu (found on Below is our International Day Mural creation – Enjoy!