This week, Room 231 students need to write a reflection post on their own individual blogs.

We’re coming to the end of our first Investigations Unit 1 – Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers.

You need to reflect on their learning using the following questions as discussed in class.

What multiplication strategies do you use most often? Do you feel confident about solving a problem such as 47 x 63 ?  What helps you solve this kind of problem?

What about division?  Do you feel confident solving a problem such as 126 ÷ 14 ?  What helps you solve that kind of problem?

What is still difficult for you in multiplication & division?  What work do you need to do to become more efficient at solving multiplication problems?  What about division problems?

Don’t forget to create a new category and call it Reflections (please double check the spelling before you click on save).

This blog post needs to be published by Monday 12 October 2009.  Any questions – ask Ms H in the morning!