Yesterday Room 207 skyped with a school in Australia, Hawkesdale P12 College in Sydney.  The students were a little older than us.  They were 11 years old and in Year 5/6.

It’s fun to skype with a class in another country because we learned new facts about that country, it’s interesting to meet new people, and to hear how different other people talk.

We learned that the students in Australia put a spread called vegemite on their sandwiches. (Ms H said she would bring some in for us to try during International Week). They have lunchboxes and we have a cafeteria instead. There are animals on their money – a kangaroo, and an emu.  We had to ask what an emu was – it’s like an ostrich and it does not fly.

It is rainy season here in Thailand right now and we showed them the temperature using Ms H’s phone.  Our temperature was 25 degrees Celcius and the temperature in Australia was 18.6 on Mrs Mirstchin’s ipad. Untitled

Hawkesdale P12 College is taking part in our Dots Around the World project.  Tjhey are going to use Doodle Buddy to make their dots.  We’re looking forward to seeing their dots.  They  have 5 ipads for their class.

Piper did a great job as photographer yesterday and Jenna, Rikki & Will (helped by Jered & Ana) were fantastic videographers.  Ms H will edit the film and share it a bit later.
P1010544 P1010547 P1010528 P1010562