Skyping in an expert is super easy and extremely captivating for student learning. This morning we were extremely lucky in Room 207 to have a real geologist skype into our classroom. Mr Dobrowski’s class joined us, as Mr Cleavinger (Madison’s Granddad) talked with us about geology and geologists because we are studying Earth Materials for Science right now.

We had a lot of questions for Mr Cleavinger and he very patiently answered all of them for us. We asked questions like:

  • Is it hard work being a geologist?
  • What tools do you use?
  • Did you write down your thoughts in a special notebook?
  • When you were a little boy did you always want to be a geologist?

Mr Cleavinger showed us some very interesting rocks and minerals.   The most interesting was the rock from the stomach of a dinosaur!  Yes, that’s right, a dinosaur!

Mr Cleavinger is from Utah. Another interesting find he shared with us was a piece of meteorite that Mr Cleavinger’s father found.  It weighs 60 pounds (about 27kg) – that’s huge!

We were able to ask him one of our “burning” science questions

Are all crystals minerals or Are all minerals crystals?

We learned that some minerals are crystals (it all comes down to where the minerals are formed we think) and all crystals are minerals.

Our videographers, Will and Ana did a great job of capturing the skype call and Piper, our class photographer, captured some fabulous images which you can see throughout this post.

If you’re interested, there’s more images in our Skype Connections set on Flickr.