Tonight we are taking home a few things in our school bags.

#1:  The class photos order form!  You can check out the full size photo outside our classroom door – we look awesome! Last day of ordering is Thursday, February 21st.    Place your photo order in the Kids Foto Box at the ES Office.
The photos will be delivered to school on Friday March 22.

#2:  A rubric/checklist for Our Fragile Earth Prezi.  Remember to use Ms H’s student email to log in (Username: and you know what our class password is!!  Complete the checklist and write down the things that you need to finish – then finish them as this prezi is going on YOUR blog!

#3:  If you enrolled in an After School Activity – there is a form informing you of what you are enrolled in and what day your activity is.  If you were not successful in getting into an activity there is a letter explaining why and how to pick up your refund.

Have a great weekend!