This afternoon in class we learned more about two words that we use when we are blogging or working on the internet.


When you move a copy of a file (image, doc, pdf, audio, video, presentation etc) from your laptop/computer to the internet.  Uploading means that you will be “storing” that file somewhere on the internet – it will take up space somewhere.

We upload our class images to the G3 Room 207 collection on the school flickr account – these images are a copy and are “stored” on the website Flickr.
(Our school pays for a pro account so that we can have unlimited images stored in this account).



When you display a file (image, doc, video, presentation)  on your website (like your blog) that is ALREADY stored on the internet somewhere.


html code is required to “embed” something in a website like our blogs.  We have already learned about html codes for embedding a widget on the sidebar of our blog.

This means that we embed our prezis and voicethreads (we don’t upload them) because they are already stored on the internet somewhere.  Our Prezis are in our Class Prezi account, our VoiceThreads are in our own VoiceThread accounts and our Google Presentations are stored in our Google Accounts.

Tape library, CERN, Geneva It is much better for us to embed things in our blog rather than upload.  When we upload to our blog, the file we have uploaded will take up storage space on our blog.  We don’t have a lot of storage space available on our blog so we store our files in other places on the internet whenever we can.

We usually store our videos in our Class YouTube account.  We store our photos/images in our school flickr account.  We store our documents in our Google Account as much as we can.

Photo Credit: gruntzooki via Compfight cc