Tonight our Friday Folder is coming home loaded with important notices!

  1. Swimming will begin for our class shortly.  Please read the information from our PE Specialist Teacher – Mrs Perry
  2. Student Led Conference time with Specialist Teachers – a new online booking system is available this year for parents to book time with the Specialist Teachers – please read the details and instructions on this sheet
  3. Read-A-Thon – Grade 3 sponsors 12 Students from the R35 school – a school that was totally devastated (and now rebuilt) after the 2004 Tsunami.  We need to raise at least 96,000 baht (I’m sure we will raise more though).  The Read-A-Thon is how we do it!  All of the details and timeline dates are included in the Friday Folder along with the Sponsor Sheet.  Please go over these details again with your child.