Today we had a lot of fun with stop motion animation.  We were learning through “doing”!  Without a storyboard, we just had fun making a bulldog clip or another object come to life using the free (yes, free) app on the ipads and itouches called iMotion HD.

The paid version of this app lets you upload directly to YouTube (and a few other places) but the free version lets you save the exported animation to your camera roll so you can still import it into the computer.

More importantly, through “playing and dabbling” with this app (which is SO cool) – we learned some valuable things for our “real” animation project for our Feature Articles!

  1. Make sure your shot is clear (no hands in it) BEFORE you take the photo
  2. Move the object a little bit at a time
  3. Keep the camera in the same spot! (Only the “animated” object should move)
  4. Make sure the camera shot is in focus (not blurry so not moving or shaking in our hands)
  5. Make a storyboard first! (So that you’re telling a story, rather than making a random animation video)

Our first attempt at stop animation videos are up in our Class YouTube account.  We’re going to embed our one in our own blog and compare it to our Feature Article one in a couple of weeks!  If you want to take a peek at how our first attempts turned out (some people were REALLY creative!!) then click this link here or take a look at the one below to get you started.