It’s time ……. It’s begun ………  Ms H’s favourite writing unit!!


Today Ms H handed everyone their very own Journal – with handmade covers!
These Journals will be our Poetry Journals for this unit and then we are free to keep them and take them home as our very own Writing Journals forever – Ms H hopes that we will be reminded of her whenever we write in these journals (over the summer & beyond) – that’s why she made them for us!

During the poetry unit, Ms H will be making little things for us to put in our Journals!

An idea from one of Ms H’s favourite mentors, Georgia Heard!

Did you know that poetry hides EVERYWHERE?
And it comes from our hearts!
Poets write best about things they know about so we’ve been making
“What’s in Our Hearts, Hearts”

(Everyone needs to finish their hearts for homework tonight so that Ms H
can laminate them to have on our desks for inspiration!)

Parents: you can find out more about this unit and ways to help at home by going to our Writing Unit Overviews page.