Today we all created a Google Presentation as a Poem Anthology.

The Poem Anthology Presentations are due on Thursday morning, 6 June, 2013.

Your Poem Anthology must contain your OWN original poetry
and must include one (1) example of each of the following:

A poem that shows how you ……

  • looked at an everyday object with a poet’s eye
  • used simile(s)
  • used metaphor(s)
  • wrote a poem using strong feelings
  • wrote a poem that paints a picture with words
  • used repetition
  • used alliteration
  • used onomatopoeia
  • used personification


You can not use a poem more than once!
(so you can’t use the same poem to show repetition and simile)

Your Poem Anthology will contain nine (9) original poems.

You may use creative commons images to illustrate your poetry.
(remember to give credit because you will publish your presentation on your blog).

Don’t forget to submit your Poetry Cafe Presentation sheet
with a copy of the two poems you will be performing by the end
of Wednesday please.