The fabulous Mr U, (aka: Jeff Utecht) showed me this FlickrCC search tool after our meeting the other day.


Click on the image you like the look of, and this screen appears next:

A flickr CC search toy

As a presenter, the stamp option is fabulous!! Check out what it does below!

stamp.php (500Õ´61)

I do wish this site did have a safe-search option ……… I’d love to introduce it to our students, but for now, I think we will stick with Compfight as it allows us to have a Safe-Search on, which makes it appropriate for use at school.

You can find out more about what we’ve been discussing with our students about Creative Commons & using Compfight over at our “model blog” for student blogging.

What conversations are you having at your school with students about the use of images in our work?