As we learn to become digital citizens, this Acceptable Use Policy explains our rights and responsibilities. The International School Bangkok believes we should have access to technology when we act in a safe, responsible, respectful and lawful way.

I will …

  • Use the computer and other electronic equipment (cameras, microphones, headphones, SMARTboards, etc.) carefully
  • Communicate online in a respectful manner
  • Keep my password to myself
  • Always tell an adult if I read or see something that is not appropriate for me
  • Only work on the programs and web pages that my teacher tells me to use.
  • Obey copyright laws. This means that I will not make copies of music, games, movies, pictures or written work belonging to others without permission.
  • Print only when my teacher tells me to
  • Ask for help when I do not understand what to do

I will not …

  • Give my name, age, or other information about myself on the computer without asking an adult first
  • Use the computer to hurt, frighten or bully others
  • Use a password that belongs to someone else

The above AUP and the Agreement section below will be sent home for reading & signing together at the beginning of the School Year.  The AUP will be on display in the classroom all year and parts of the AUP will be revisited as appropriate every time we use technology.

Student’s Agreement

I have read this list of guidelines. If I did not understand part of it, I asked an adult to explain it to me. When I use the computers and the Internet at school, I promise to follow these guidelines at all times. I understand that I might not be allowed to use the computer if I do not follow these guidelines.



Parent’s Agreement

I have read the agreements for using the computers and Internet at school with my daughter or son. I have talked to him/her to be sure that these guidelines are understood. I realize that teachers and school staff try their best to provide educationally appropriate Internet material to my child and that, if objectionable images or information appear by accident, they will take immediate action to correct the situation. I give my permission to ISB for my daughter or son to use computers and the Internet while on school property.



The use of computers and other technology tools is a privilege that comes with special responsibilities. If a student does not follow the above guidelines, there will be consequences over a period of time that will restrict that student’s use of computers and other equipment at school. If a student repeatedly shows difficulty in being a responsible user, these restrictions will be extended.

Our main oversight of elementary students’ acceptable use is during the school day. However, violations of acceptable use outside of school hours can negatively affect the school and members of its community (students, faculty, parents). As a result, violations of the above guidelines outside of school that come to the attention of ISB personnel may be treated in a disciplinary manner.