Welcome to Summer School Session 1

Welcome to Room 207 for Summer School Session 1

We’ll be using this blog to help us get to website links that we will be using and
to show and share our work during this first summer school session

Our weekly newsletter will be posted here so that we can save paper (and trees!)

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all over the next four weeks!

Summer Reading

Photo Credit: Enokson via Compfight cc

Farewell and Safe Travels

Farewell and Safe Travels

It has been an absolute pleasure to have spent the last year with these crazy, funny, great 3rd Graders!

If you haven’t seen them already, please ask your child at some stage for their flashdrive.
(it’s in their headphones bag)
On the flashdrive is “Oh, How You’ve Grown” and “A Year in Reverse” –  it’s always such fun looking back over the year in photos!

Our poetry cafe videos will be up on our YouTube Channel by tomorrow.
(See the link on the right hand side under Our Learning Links).

This blog will may be deleted at the end of JULY (but I might transfer the content to another blog) – so if you want to copy anything or bookmark any links please do so by then.

Our YouTube channel link and our Class Photos on Flickr links will STILL exist – so don’t forget to bookmark those (it’s only this blog that may disappear – not the content).

Have a safe, relaxing summer break and all the best for the future!

Our Poem Anthology

Today we all created a Google Presentation as a Poem Anthology.

The Poem Anthology Presentations are due on Thursday morning, 6 June, 2013.

Your Poem Anthology must contain your OWN original poetry
and must include one (1) example of each of the following:

A poem that shows how you ……

  • looked at an everyday object with a poet’s eye
  • used simile(s)
  • used metaphor(s)
  • wrote a poem using strong feelings
  • wrote a poem that paints a picture with words
  • used repetition
  • used alliteration
  • used onomatopoeia
  • used personification


You can not use a poem more than once!
(so you can’t use the same poem to show repetition and simile)

Your Poem Anthology will contain nine (9) original poems.

You may use creative commons images to illustrate your poetry.
(remember to give credit because you will publish your presentation on your blog).

Don’t forget to submit your Poetry Cafe Presentation sheet
with a copy of the two poems you will be performing by the end
of Wednesday please.

Social Studies Unit Wrap Up

Dear Parents

Our last Social Studies unit for the year, MarketPlace – Is it Fair, has been a huge success.  The class economy was a hit and now it is time to wrap it all up.

To end this unit, we will be having a giant auction on Wednesday, June 5th during our Social Studies learning time. Your child has been asked to make sure they have your permission before they bring any items for the giant auction.

If you would like to donate “in good condition” toys, games and/or books for our Auction, that would be most appreciated.  Students will also have the opportunity to donate their “MarketPlace stock leftovers” to the auction as well as the classroom teacher providing a few “mystery” envelopes for auction as well.

3D Judges Gavel

Photo Credit: StockMonkeys.com via Compfight cc

Psssst! Pass It On!

Please keep Thursday, 6th June 2013 free
(between 9:45 – 10:45am)

We have something really special planned for you!
We hope you can make it!
Pssst!  Pass it on!