Farewell and Safe Travels

Farewell and Safe Travels

It has been an absolute pleasure to have spent the last year with these crazy, funny, great 3rd Graders!

If you haven’t seen them already, please ask your child at some stage for their flashdrive.
(it’s in their headphones bag)
On the flashdrive is “Oh, How You’ve Grown” and “A Year in Reverse” –  it’s always such fun looking back over the year in photos!

Our poetry cafe videos will be up on our YouTube Channel by tomorrow.
(See the link on the right hand side under Our Learning Links).

This blog will may be deleted at the end of JULY (but I might transfer the content to another blog) – so if you want to copy anything or bookmark any links please do so by then.

Our YouTube channel link and our Class Photos on Flickr links will STILL exist – so don’t forget to bookmark those (it’s only this blog that may disappear – not the content).

Have a safe, relaxing summer break and all the best for the future!

Sponsored Readathon

Sponsored Readathon

Today Grade 3 found out just how much money was raised during our sponsored readathon for the After the Wave foundation.

Reason for the Sponsored Readathon

A few months ago, we learned from Mrs Tananone that Grade 3 at ISB sponsors 12 students from the R35 school that was completely destroyed in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.  Each student needs 8,000 baht to pay for things like tooth paste, tooth brushes, books, water bottles, clothes and school supplies.  (Since we’re such super mathematicians, we worked out that we need to raise at least 96,000 baht).  If we were to raise extra money, that money would go to University fees and Medical fees.

Guess what the final total raised for the After the Wave Foundation was?

sponsored readathon total amount raised

Presenting the final amount to Mrs Tananone

How Much Did Room 207 Raise?

Room 207 raised a great amount during the Read-A-Thon to help contribute towards the final total.  Here’s how much we raised – and we increased our reading stamina at the same time! 

sponsored readathon Room207's raised total

Congratulations 3rd Graders – what an amazing amount you raised!  We’re so thrilled with your effort that all 3rd Graders can have Monday off!  See you Tuesday!

PE Celebration of Learning

Yesterday, we braved the heat and took part in the Grade 3 PE Celebration of Learning.  We played as a team, we won as a team, we lost as a team and we moved as a team!

Thanks to Alexander’s Mum for taking these pictures in the moment!

G3Room207 PE CoL on PhotoPeach

Please Look Under Beds, On BookShelves ….

Ms H has two missing books (both from the Cabin Creek Mysteries series) that are overdue from the BookRoom.  They need to be returned before Songkran.

Please take a minute to look under beds, on bookshelves, around the house for these two books and any other classroom library books that you may have at home.

Much appreciated!